Second Life Bits of News 2015 Week 11 TPD

Avatar Layer Limits

The Lindens are back on this project. The idea is that the current limits we have will change. As it is now we can wear up to 5 items on each of 12 attachment points – 60 items. The Lindens are changing that so, that you can wear 60 items (layers) any where you want.

This is going to really help with tattoos and alpha layers.


1920s Berlin: Talking Shop by Marion Beresford, on Flickr

This change will affect viewers and servers. Viewers don’t have to update to be compatible with the changed servers, but that would restrict that viewer’s users.

The avatar bake engine is going to be updated to enforce the 60 item limit.

No projected ETA.

Group Chat

Oz says weeks 10 and 11 were interesting and educational. They thought the changes they had would stop the lengthy lockups. What happened was they got lots of little lockups.

Changes toward the end of the week got things working better.

Over all, things in group chat are better.

TP – Region Crossings

The Lindens are working on that problem. None of the changes are out. A Project viewer is near release. Once it is out then Third Party Devs and Lindens will be able to see if they are working with the same issues.

However, the repositories (Big Bird) with the changes are public. But, the Lindens are changing code… so… It is dicey trying to use it.

This is the problem of attachments going nuts on region crossing/tp.

Cooler Project

There is a much cooler project following on behind the region crossing problem. But, they can’t tell us what that is… what a tease they are…


This is our voice chat system. It is getting a steady stream of changes by Vivox. I’m not clear when these changes are making it into Second Life. But, there are changes coming in.

Still no Linux voice files. Vivox is not into it. Too small a user base.

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