Second Life and Flickr Images

There are so many gorgeous images on Flickr. If you look through my favorites, you see the stuff I like. I think it is somewhat diverse. If you want to get your images on my blog or to understand why I use some people’s images and not others, read on.

"Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Friendly the Snail"

A fun Torley Linden Image

Being short on time for writing my blog using images from Flickr saves me time. You have probably noticed lots of my images no longer relate to the article, other than they are from Second Life. Some I do take the time to find a related image. Even then it can be tenuous relationship. I suspect sometimes only my warped mind makes the connection. 

The point is subject matter is not a deciding factor in whether I use an image.

A major deciding factor is the permissions you set on your images. Jo Yardley has talked about the problem in relation to the images used by the media. They need clear copyright information. That is not so important for me. I respect your settings. Especially for images that represent the content of my article. As an example, if I wrote about griefer bombs and looked for an image about bombs, I would be looking for images with Creative Commons Attribution licensing.

If I just want an image I like and I have no concern about matching the image subject and article’s subject then I look at SHARING. If HTML SHARE is available, I’ll use the image on the blog. If it isn’t, I move on to another image. Simple.

These Days

These Days by Io Bechir, on Flickr

So, you can reserve all rights and still share your image. The rights given to Flickr in the user agreement cover me and limit my use. Whether you feel that works for you, is up to you. If you reserve all rights and turn off SHARE then I won’t use an image. But, if SHARE is enabled, I feel it is OK to use the Flickr SHARE Linking.

In very rare cases, like so rare it has not yet happened with a Flickr image, I will chase down the creator and request permission to use an image. That, however, is time consuming and a large obstacle for me. That means slim chance.

So, if you want to see your Flickr images appearing around the Internet, pay attention to your permission and copyright settings. I’m going to go along with whatever you want.

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