AvaStar 1.2 Survival Guide

Gaia Clary has posted in-world the following survival guide. You might miss it if you are not a member of the Blender-Avastar Group. So…

Avastar 1.2 Survival Notecard
* New to Avastar ? Start here:


The beginners path: PLEASE go over these tutorials at least once:


Here are more useful Links into our Blog:

* The Q&A Section has got a really good search engine. Just type your question. the tool finds good answers (although we currently only have a few dozens of question in the database)


If you can not find your question here, then just create your Question. You will get you answer as son as possible.

* In the ticket system you can post error reports or requests for help:


Please tell us your opinion and tell us how you like the tools to be improved. You are the customer, you can tell us what you need!

Please forward this Notecard to other users as well.

thanks, Gaia

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