AvaStar Changing

AvaStar is Second Life’s handiest tool for animators and clothing designers. It comes as an add-in for Blender.

Loki's Experience - 2014

Loki’s Experience – 2014

The next release of AvaStar will have several changes in the menus. It is always a pain when a designers moves things and changes labels in a program we use. We users have to relearn the menus and adjust our work flow to deal with the changes. Ugh! 

Gaia Clary explains why they decided to make a change they know is a bit of a pain. Basically they want to use the correct terms for features and actions their software has and performs. The 3D modeling industry has its jargon to simplify communication. Gaia is making the change to come more in line with industry standards and take advantage of people previous knowledge.

The hope is that it will make the tool more understandable to people. I agree that it should help new people learning to use AvaStar. All the common tutorials on learning Blender would then be a better fit to AvaStar and new users should more quickly understand what the AvaStar tools are doing.

While I am sute I’ll find some changes annoying, it is a good thing for the majority of people that will come to use AvaStar.

To make it easier for existing users, Gaia has made a page explaining what the changes are and where things can be found in the new version. See: Upcoming changes in Avastar Panels.

There are significant changes for clothing designers and animators.

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