Physique 1.4 release official announcement!

From Slink’s official announcement (quoting and paraphrasing):

Thu, Aug 28 2014 11:39:30 AM PDT

Physique 1.4 is now available at the Slink Mainstore. If you own this body, please visit the redelivery terminal to get the new version sent to you. If your purchase is not on the list, please contact Slink Resident for a redelivery!

Slink Free Dress

Slink Free Dress

The new body has a few very nice new features, and resolves some of the issues experienced by users of the previous version.


  • Resolved a small geometry issue that was causing “ants” (small gap) around the neck seam between the body and either the visage patch or the SL default head, on lower Antialialising settings.
  • Resolved an issue with the weights on several vertices on the underwear layer that was causing it to clip through the clothing layer on the pelvis region.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Visage neck patch to throw an error when the Neck Fitting buttons were pressed on the Alpha and Clothing Layers HUD.


  • Added the ability to set alpha mask via the Alpha and Layers HUD.  This will prevent your clothing layer from making your tattoo layer disappear.
  • Added the ability to change specular and normal maps via HUD for 3rd Party commercial creators (requires updated scripts)
  • Added the ability to turn off left and right arm sections on the clothing and underwear layers.  Allows for one arm garments to be created!
  • Added a series of extra pieces designed to help blend the seam between the SL avatar head and the Physique Neck (Slink Physique Hide Neck Join) for the same body fat settings as the default base (5) and on the Alpha and Clothing Layers HUD (15, 25, 35, 45, 55)
  • Added 2 specular map buttons (Sheen and Droplets) and one bump map button (Details) to the Alpha and Clothing Layers HUD under Advanced FX – Note REQUIRES ADVANCED LIGHTING ON


  • Separated the Visage Neck Patch from the body and made it an attachment on it’s own. Wear ONLY if you are using the Visage heads.
  • Tweaked the UV all over the body for smoother texture appearance and corrected some seam mismatch.
  • Tweaked the weights all over the body for smoother animations.
  • Fixed a triangle in the hip geometry that was causing deformation errors.
  • Fixed the geometry under the breasts for better deformation.
  • Reworked the weights on the butt, hips and breasts to allow for more deformation with those sliders.
  • Removed Butt Jiggle. Sorry butt jigglers, the jiggle was causing the butt to be flat.
  • Reworked the alpha zones on the torso, pelvis and legs to allow better compatibility with standard size mesh clothing.
  • Changed torso and pelvis alphas to work front-back instead of left-right.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing half of the chest section of tattoos to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue on the included skins with a seam on the back of the head.
  • Redesigned the Alpha and Layers HUD to make it more user-friendly.
  • Added one more alpha zone to the lower legs to allow for wearing crop pants. Shape tweaking may still be necessary

Known Issues:

  • Some minor clipping of skin through tattoo, underwear and clothing layers, particularly in the groin, from certain slider settings and animations – workaround – tweak the shape a little, or use the groin and shoulder buttons on the Alpha and Layers HUD.
  • When the clothing, underwear or tattoo layers are enabled with a texture applied, there will be some alpha sorting issues between you and whatever transparent thing you are standing in front of – windows, water etc. This will appear as a very thin “halo” surrounding you, the same way rigged mesh hairstyles work.  Workaround – Use the Alpha Mask buttons on the HUD for clothing layers with minimal transparency (ie: t shirts, jeans, not for pantyhose or faded tattoos)
  • A seam can appear at the join between the body and the SL avatar default head or Visage head under certain lighting situations. A fix for this is in a future update.  (Meanwhile you can use the included Hide Neck Join option for the default SL head)
  • Some minor seams can appear between the hands and feet and the body. Again, a fix for this will be in a future update.

I am liking the Slink products. This update seems pretty awesome. I have the demo body. I guess I’ll go by and get an updated demo. My particular YS&YS skin doesn’t have an applier for the body… I hope, yet. I have found a skin that is close to the one I spent so long picking out. It is YS&YS too and it does have Slink appliers. So, I may go for it soon.

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