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Hamlet has an interesting bit up in the article Update, Emily Short’s Blood & Laurels: From Linden Limbo to New York Times Feature in Four Months. Have you noticed he likes long titles?


Misty Mountains – 2013

The Market Place has seen some odd happenings. This was announced:

[Posted 3:46 PM PDT, 07 July 2014] We are performing unscheduled maintenance on the maturity filters that is causing some Marketplace listings to be listed under the wrong maturity rating.  It is also causing event creations and Classified ads to fail due to the maturity filter. Please check back here for updates as we have them. 


A recent in-world announce in the Zindra Alliance Group:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Zindra Alliance Island Partners with NCI

Monday,07 Jul 2014 22:46:08 GMT
I am excited to announce that the Zindra Alliance Island has partnered with NCI (New Citizens Incorporated – the oldest new player school in Second Life). NCI will use their extensive educational team to provide classes of every type in the Education facilities on Zindra Alliance Island. Please drop by and welcome NCI to the Zindra Business Owner Family!

If you do business in the adult area of Zindra, this is a good group to participate in.

Regions List

There is an up-to-date list of which regions are in which RC channel available on Second Life Grid Survey. Look for the button on the right end of the second menu down: RC Server Regions.

Slink Physique Clothes

Sydd Sinister has a post about new Lingerie and Skins available for the Physique fitted mesh body. Check it out here: Lingerie and Skins for the new Slink Physique.

I am finding most of the skin makers I like are making skins for the new bodies. I haven’t seen much in the way of clothes. So, this is a welcome post. I found it by following iHearts.

Oculus DK2 Unboxing

The Road to VR has an article up on their receipt of a new Oculus Rift DK2 (Developer Kit 2). See: Exclusive: Early Oculus Rift DK2 Unboxing, “The color, contrast, and motion is leaps and bounds over the DK1″. An anonymous source provided photos and their take on the DK2. All positive. That source thinks the screens are provided by Samsung. If you follow me or Road to VR you know Oculus made a deal with Samsung for supplying Samsungs hi-rex screens.

The DK2 sells for US$350. But, this is not a consumer ready product. It is for developers… super geeks.

The comments below the article reveal more details about the DK2.

Shopping Tip

The current main viewer and RC Snowstorm viewers are a real drag to use when shopping. Things are slow to fully rez and textures thrash. I tend to use Firestorm for my shopping expeditions. But, avoid taking pictures with FS while shopping, that creates problems.

SHEY Couture’s Dumb Idea

SHEY makes some nice stuff. Stuff I like. I suppose to avoid adding those ugly DEMO notices or making versions of their stuff with ‘demo’ written all over SHEY decided to use a script that allows you to try thing on for 5 minutes.

I think is probably enough time to decide if it fits or not. Unless like me you are multi-tasking, put something on then go do something else while it rezes out, and then doesn’t come back for 10 or 20 minutes. Or if you are like me and it takes longer to decide if I want something or not.

Once the demo expires, you cannot start over. You have to go get a new demo. Annoying. If it just detached and then you could start over, it would make sense to me.

Voices of VR

The site Voices of VR has an interview with Drax, pre-new-world-announcement. The article includes an index of the audio. Check it out here: #47: Bernhard Drax on documenting creativity in Second Life. 15 minutes.

Drax makes some good points in regard to how virtual worlds are used. It is interesting to hear him being interviewed.

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