More Second Life Bits 2014-21 #4


Marine Kelley has a new release for those into the bondage scene: Pretty Mummy.

That is bondage...

That is bondage…

Marine cautions that your viewer needs to handle both Fitted Mesh and Materials to see the bindings as intended. Marine doesn’t mention it, but it should be obvious your viewer must have RLV capabilities to fully use the bindings. 

Marine says there are some limits as to the shapes that can be accommodated. More information is provided later in the announcement, so scroll to find it in the section titled Fitted Mesh . The blog announcement is long. Plus there is a large collection of pictures (117) showing the variations possible, which are extensive.

Marine Kelley's 117 images of Pretty Mummy - NSFW

Marine Kelley’s 117 images of Pretty Mummy – NSFW

Click to enlarge the images above. The range of variations is impressive. Also, the use of materials to simulate textures from cotton gauze cloth to shiny latex is way neat.

Fitted Mesh

As you read about the limits of the shapes that will work with Marine Kelley’s Pretty Mummy you get a clear idea of the limits of Fitted Mesh. Below certain sizes parts of the mesh bindings get pulled inside the avatar body.

I think the limits will push designers to start making Large and Small size clothes.

A good work flow for fitted mesh is still being discovered. If you have found a workflow that you like let Gaia Clary at know. It could influence the design of AvaStar, making your design work even easier to accomplish.

Rift Porn

Maria Korolov has an article Chickens, porn and Chuck E. Cheese on Hypergrid Business mentioning an article by VentureBeat about a company planning to make porn for Oculus Rift/VR Headset users. The porn will available via SugarDVD’s streaming service, which is like Hulu or Netflix.

Maria opines that the introduction of a porn service for VR should assure its success.  SugarDVD plans to demo the service soon. They are looking for beta testers…

Net Freedom

The US House of Representatives passed the USA FREEDOM Act 303 to 121. As with any bill the name is designed to be socially acceptable to the uninformed. This bill does almost nothing to protect US citizens or increase any measure of freedom. As with most laws, it removes freedoms.

As  Rep. Justin Amash explained, while the bill prevents NSA from demanding that a phone company turn over all their records, it allows them to demand all the records for area code 619 or ‘east of the Mississippi’ and that is WITHOUT a court order or probable cause.  Basically it does nothing that the name implies.

This bill now goes to the Senate where Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, often  refuses to put any bills on the agenda for vote that could make his party look bad. No discussion. No debate. No vote. No chance for the people to have a say or any grounds for deciding whether to vote a politician out or not. We’ll have to wait to see what he does with this one… probably nothing. To date Sen. Reid has blocked more bills than any congressman in history.

The result is, we will get no more security from an increasing oppressive government.


Samsung is reported to be building a Oculus competitor headset. This set will use its Galaxy S5 phone for the display and sensors. Even my S4 has an amazing array of sensors. I was amazed to find out it has a humidity sensor… and a phone needs that for what?

For more details see Engadget: Samsung VR headset.

The story is the Korean electronics giant plans to beat Oculus and Morpheus to market.

But, rumor is only next generation phones will be able to run an Oculus like program in the new headsets. The Galaxy phones out now will be used to power the development models. It will be interesting to see if they provide legacy support for older phones when the retail version headset comes out.

It may be that additional hardware tech will have to be added to get the performance needed to avoid simulator sickness. If that is the case, there will not be any legacy support.

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