High Fidelity 2014-18

A new post popped up in Feedly on the HF blog. Apparently published 4/24. Gee, just 6 days to get to Feedly, or at least for me to find it. See: High Fidelity System Architecture. As the name suggests it explains how HF will work. The blog has the image I show and you can get a PDF version of the image.

High Fidelity Architecture

High Fidelity Architecture

The blog article is open to comments. People are asking questions and Philip is answering. There is interesting information in there. I also found it interesting which questions he didn’t answer.


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    • I’m not sure why Feedly was so slow… or why I missed it for so many days. I do usually read your Plurk and notice your FB and G+.

        • I’m using the pro version of Feedly for the search features. But, using it on multiple devices seems to be creating some oddities. So, I’m not sure if Feedly was slow or I was.

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  2. Just reading through Phil’s comments and I see that objects will be rendered using ‘classic’ mesh when close to and through voxels when at a distance. I hadn’t realised that before, and doesn’t the transition cause issues? I know you follow High Fidelity closer than I do – has anything else been said about this?

    • I get a sense that Philip is only talking about the positives, things they have working and problems solved. Inara and I both noticed questions he was not answering. I suspect that the things not working and problems he avoids talking about. I imagine his answers on those points would be that they are working on them and solving them.

      I think this is normal for the head of a venture capital start up. I do expect his team to solve problems.

      That is the long way of saying I haven’t heard anything on your point. I do think the switch over probably won’t be any worse than the LOD switching we see in SL games now.

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