Blender 2.70a Released

Today I saw Blender has a new release out. I don’t see any changes, just a lot of bug fixes. But, the page is only current to an f5 build. This one is an f9 build. So, I doubt this version is much different than 2.70. If you are having Blender troubles definitely update.

Blender 2.70a

Blender 2.70a

I strongly recommend downloading and using the ZIP versions over the Install version. Once you unzip look inside the folder and find blender.exe. Right-click it and select pin to Task Bar and you are ready to rock. 

I installed AvaStar 1.1-1052. It still has an install problem, well… Blender has a problem with AvaStar. Remove your current AvaStar version, save User Prefs, restart Blender then install 1052 and save User Prefs. That works OK.

These versions of Blender are getting better at remembering my settings from previous installs. But, that has not always been the case, so check on each install. I made a cheat sheet to run me through the setup I prefer.

My Blender Setup

First off I get rid of the cube and switch to ortho view. Then I go into User Preferences and start making changes or checking that my preferences stuck from previous changes.


  • Set Display Mini Axis to enabled and size 50 – brightness depends on area background used.
  • Enable Prompt Quit
  • Enable Zoom to Mouse Position and Rotate Around Selection.
  • Disable Auto Perspective.


In INPUT set mouse to Trackball.

  • Select install from file… Find Avastar ZIP and select. Enable.
  • Save user settings.
  • Enable desired addons.
    • 3D View: 3D Navigation
    • 3D View: Copy Attributes
    • 3D View: Screencast Keys – Only needed if you make video tutorials.
    • Add Curve: Extra Objects
    • Add Curve: Simplify Curves
    • Add Mesh: Extra Objects
    • Import-Export: (needed formats)
    • Mesh: Bsurface GPL Edition
    • Mesh: Insert Polygon
    • Mesh: Loop Tools
  • Save user settings.



See: – Transparent Panels – System Tab

This is just a personal preference settings thing. You can make things better or worse. I am slowly developing a color scheme I like and can easy read.


  • Change temp files to F:\BlenderTemp – The idea here is to use a drive that is less used for the Blender cache and temporary files.
  • Enable Auto-Save – Save yourself some heartache, enable this. Set a time span that you feel works for you.


  • Change computer device to CUDA – This will speed up a number of processes in Blender. Your video card must suppose CUDA. Most newer, 5 or 6 year old, NVIDIA video cards do. The newer the card the better it works.
  • In Window Draw Method set Region Overlap enabled. – This make some panels within the 3D modeling window transparent.


These settings may not work for you. But, some of them may help.

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