Google+ Is Walking Dead

This is interesting, at least I found it so:  Google+ Is Walking Dead.

Vic Gundotra, the brains behind Google+, is leaving Google. This raises questions about Google+’s future. Add to that management’s decision to move staff working on Google+ to other teams, like Android. Rumor is something like 1,000 employees have been moved to other teams. Now that is a move.

Take away the brains and muscle (engineers) and it is a pretty good indication the product is being abandoned.

The word is Google’s goal is to have every Internet/Google user be a ‘signed in user’ via Google. It appears G+ wasn’t getting them there. Plus Facebook has pretty well captured that market. The attempt to push G+ on everyone was apparently creating blow back. Have you tried a Nexus phone? The recommended way to move your contacts is to put them into your Google login and then download them to your phone.

Of course Google would never read your email or addresses. Nor would the NSA…

4 thoughts on “Google+ Is Walking Dead

  1. Not to mention YouTube, which was forcefed that G+ integration or you couldn’t properly use the site anymore…

  2. Someone sent me a document today that asked me to sign into google plus so i could see it. I had to reply to that person explaining i don’t have a google account so can’t see it. The situation was either i make a google+ account to see it, or the person simply copy/paste the information in the email for me to read. Im excluded from a lot of things because i don’t have a Facebook or google+ account, but i manage to get by 🙂

  3. One should never rely on TechCrunch as a primary source, and that article is an excellent reason why. It was pure click-bait, and unfortunately that bait seems to have been swallowed a lot over the past couple of days.

    See more details here:

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