Second Life News 2014-16

RL kept me out of the Server-Scripting UG today. From the forum post we know:

The main server channel did not get a roll out this week.

The server RC channels Blue Steal and Le Tigre will not change this week. They continue to run the Sunshine package with AISv3 enabled. (Agent Inventory Services)

In a number of 3rd party viewers it is possible to make inventory links. The inventory links allow us to use No-Copy items in multiple outfits. But, the AISv3 code is not returning a property formatted link. The result is the inventory list on the viewer side gets out of sync with the server side.

Quoting from the JIRA, “This is not seen in the current RC Sunshine viewer, because the latter uses the “slam” AIS command instead for syncing COF links and (apparently), it is not allowing any more to “paste as link” (this was an advanced option that did exist in older v2 viewers… Why did you remove (or hide ?) it ???).

Magnum gets a new package tomorrow. This package is a small collection of fixes:

Bug fixes

  • Fix for “llTeleportAgent() and llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords() can break any script in any attached object that contains a change event.” (BUG-5533)
  • Fixed a crash mode

A problem with AISv3 is: SUN-129 – Failure to parse link data in AISv3 server replies after a link creation. Filed by Henri Beauchamp 3/14.


Drongle McMahon has noticed that the triangle count for what is being rendered goes up when one turns on shadows. At first look the triangle count seems to be 4x more when enabling shadows. Plus each light added adds 1x to the multiplier. It has something to do with how shadows are rendered.

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