Second Life Login Problem/Fail

Inara Pey made it to the Beta Server meeting I missed due to RL work. In that meeting Monty Linden discussed a login problem some have been encountering. See her article: SL projects news week 8/1: server, viewer and log-in issue PSA.

In the meeting Maestro spoke about login problems a small number of people are running into.

BUG-5130Cannot connect to second life as it comes up with error message saying: cannot connect to simulator. That pretty much says it all, so the additional details are not important.

Whirly Fizzle provided some troubleshooting steps for Purity Davi in that JIRA item. I’ll put them out here where they can be seen by anyone. 

Second Life Login Problems: Troubleshooting

A frequent cause is corrupted characters in the avatar’s active group tag (See SVC-6608). So, the trick is to get your Group Tag changed. You will likely have to get support to help wit that.

Characters in the Display Name may cause the same problem. You can change your Display Name via the Avatar Dashboard in the SL web site.

For testing either of these as the cause, try logging into the Preview Grid, ADITI.

  • Launch the viewer to the login screen.
  • In the top menu bar of the viewer, go to Me -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Tick “Show grid selection at login”
  • Go to Preferences -> General -> Start Location -> Tick “Show on login” -> Click OK to close preferences.
  • Then enter your login info.
  • In the grid choice drop down box, choose “Secondlife beta test grid”
  • In the “Start at” drop down, choose <Type egion name> and type in Morris
  • Can you login to beta grid?

If these are the source of the problem you will have problems on both grids. If not, you’ll like be able to log into the Preview Grid.

Whirly also suggests: try to log the affected account in with a text viewer. Try the Radegast viewer: Try it first on the Preview Grid and then the main grid.

If you make it in with Radegast, set your active group to NONE, change your avatar to a Library Avatar, then attempt to login using your regular viewer.

Rumor is some clothing can cause the problem. Whirly has never seen this be a cause. Whirly sees everything… I’m serious. So, consider it a low… low… low probability that corrupted clothing is the cause of a login fail. What Whirly has seen is a corrupted outfit causing the viewer to crash.

By the way… changing outfit in the Preview grid does not change your outfit on the main grid. So, you cannot fix a clothing/avatar corruption problem via the Preview Grid.

If it is corrupt clothes, SL Support will run the inventory repair script on your account and force your avatar back to the default female avatar. This usually fixes that problem.

If these things have not resolved the issue it is more likely the problem found resolving Purity’s problem is the cause of the login fail: If you belong to a group with a name that looks like a 64 bit integer [e.g. just a numeric value for the name, > 2 billion], you will have this issue. Ditto if your display name follows that format.

If this is the case, you will have to contact support and have them fix the problem. As far as we know now, there is no other work-around group name problems. The Display Name can be changed via the web site.

A fix for this problem is in the works, but the Lindens do not yet have an ETA for it.

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