Second Life’s GMAIL Problems

Honour has an article up on her blog showing some great pictures of Atlantas. But, she titled it: Google Really, Really Hates Second Life. So, what’s with that? The title and writing is because of Google’s adding to their spam filter. She points to Prim Perfect’s recent article on how to fix Google’s filtering of Linden email headed to you to via a GMAIL address.

The steps to fix the problem are easy but not intuitive. Nor is this a particularly noticeable problem. You may not notice the loss of these emails until you are looking for some specific email.

You can see if you are getting bit by this problem by looking in the left side menu of GMAIL. In the section of the menu with Inbox and Sent Mail you will find MORE. Click it and look for SPAM. Click SPAM and you’ll see the email going there. In SPAM, you will likely find email from: If so you need to fix your GMAIL.

I’ve seen more and more people in the Second Life™ Forum complaining about not getting their market place email. So, I suggest you also add to the recommended fix too. But, I have been receiving my Market Place email. So, it may not be necessary.

Is It Google

Honor appears to think Google is being mean to Second Life. I doubt that.

I do believe Google has biases and exercises those biases in devious ways. If you are looking for information that is political and/or not PC,  I suggest you use multiple search engines. (Research Resources)

So, I find it reasonable for most Google users to think Google might not like SL. I just doubt SL has made it to the attention of Google management and that management would have a bias against SL. So, I think this is another product of the SL user base. Consider.

We know we have a large number of new users coming into SL every year. We also know that SL has a low retention rate. That creates tens of thousands of people every year that sign up and start getting email from the Lab’s servers. They leave and never bother to learn how to turn off that unwanted email. They simply hit the spam button or setup a filter to block it. The Google servers are aware of the filtering and spam classifications people make. They use those to improve the spam filtering of their systems.

If you dig into filtering problems at Google, you find that Google provides webmasters the tools to solve problems created by the various automated filters Google uses. It is for that reason I think this is another automated process contributing to a problem for a minority.


Since the number of people wanting email from is likely far less than those not wanting it, I doubt contacting Google will solve anything. But, setting up your filters to allow the email through will be a vote in the right direction.

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  1. LOL I actually think it’s just because of the volume of emails coming from agni and the other addresses. However, I admit to being juvenile when I wrote the Title of the post 🙂

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