Oculus Rift in the News

There is nothing really new in the UK paper The Telegraph, but that the article appears in the Telegraph is interesting. It is a good article for the non-techies of the world well explaining why this is such an important step forward in computer technology.


Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Check out Tim Martins article: The Oculus Rift: virtual reality is no longer a joke.

One of the interesting points in the article is how game development is driving military technology. They point out that many military research budgets are nothing when compared to some the research budgets for game technology.

They report the fact/rumor that: “A few weeks ago, Sony filed a patent related to a head-mounted display, seeming to lend credence to rumors that it plans to launch a VR headset in 2014 for the PlayStation 4.”  So, we may see virtual world competition explode. Free market competition is always good for the general population. Whether it helps Second Life™ is a matter of whether or not Linden Lab’s marketing can figure out how to promote SL. I have no doubt the competition will drive down the cost of VR headsets and increase interest in virtual worlds.

Imagine this world with weather using the Oculus.

Second Life™ will continue to be the leader in content. But, newer render engines in other platforms are pushing the fidelity of RL like virtual worlds.

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