Second Life News 2013-50

Tuesday the main grid will get the roll out expected. This is a small maintenance package has a fix for llGetAgentInfo() so it now detects AGENT_CROUCHING.

RC Channels

All three channels will get the same package. The Maestro Linden in the SL forum describes the new packages as: “ This project contains a single bug fix, related to vehicles becoming stuck in the ‘sat upon’ state (which prevents parcel autoreturn).”

This will likely be the last set of server updates until after January 6th.


Read the viewer update in the previous article for the latest viewer news.

Regions Closing

Beach Front Reality closed as I mentioned last week. They ran about 50 regions. Ciaran has an article up: Private Sim Losses Swell Due To Large Estate Closure. Ciaran’s suggestion that the Lab should approach some of the people that owned 50% or more of a region, is something I think would have been smart.

Fifty regions at $300± per month is US$15,000 or $180,000 per year. I would think that marketing or customer service could have put someone on contacting these people and making a deal with them.

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