High Fidelity – Touch?

A new article is out on how the HD Team is experimenting with touch…or virtual touch. In general I am under whelmed. But, I can see where including what current technology can provide will increase immersion; I don’t see this as what people will associate with touch.

Check out the article yourself: Avatar Interaction: Ryan the stylist, Emily the client.

The article and video seem to be miles apart to me.

5 thoughts on “High Fidelity – Touch?

  1. I think the idea of real life gestures to real time Av movement is a great one. It would revolutionize performance arts, and machinima.
    This video seems to indicate the people making it, see it as more a way of representing a real world transaction. A visit to the doctor, a hair consultation :/

  2. Another interesting approach – but very much like a lot of work being done with the Leap Motion. As an aside I thought the lip synching on this vid was quite good as well.

  3. You’re missing the point. Look at the captured facial expressions when the characters talk, especially the female. Compare that to “move mouth when talking” in SL. Also, Also, whether or not you can actually feel the touch, just being able to reach out to someone like this in an intuitive and unexpected way is incredible considering currently pre-recorded animations are required. A certain amount of feeling is intuitive, the way you feel chilly when you go to a snow sim and want a winter jacket. The unpredictability of gestures will make them feel all that more real.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding, right?? LOL!! There is a long way to go for this to be immersive.

  5. Well that’s one small step towards something more interactive.

    But, but… newbie cartoon avatars! Hopefully they will make something awesome with avatar looks too. And will use real world average human heights. 😉

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