Second Life News 2013-45

I’m distracted with real life projects. But, the main channel is getting a rollout from the RC channels today (Tuesday). It is a maintenance package with some bug/server crash fixes. There is not much in the way of details.

RC Channels

All three RC channels will get the same package Wednesday. This package is preparatory changes to the Second Life™ infrastructure to allow eventual rollout of the Advanced Experience Tools.

So, what is changing? No one is saying. We can assume most of the change is going to have to do with the permissions system. If that suspicion is correct, we can assume that this will be a very slow well tested rollout.

Consider. Linden Realms was news in March 2012. The first rollout of Advanced Experience Tools (AET) resulted in Griefer Monday (June 2012). The exploit was about a hole in permissions, which is why I thin the permissions system is being changed. After that fiasco the Lindens said the project was being re-thought and it disappeared from view. Now we only hear bits and pieces about it, like preparatory infrastructure changes’.

The AET project is approaching its second birthday.

Also, one has to wonder how the Lab is going to handle permissions to denote what items in SL and the Market Place can be sold on Desura…

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