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Every so often Cyan is giving us an update on their new game. In less than two weeks the Kickstarter project has funded $628k of the targeted $1,100k. During that time we’ve now got eight updates on the project. The eighth update tells us we are already playing the Obduction game… or can be.

A previous hint...

A previous hint…

An email I received says:

Obduction has already begun! We’re not talking about the Kickstarter campaign, or even the game production – the actual gameplay has started.

They go on to explain what that means. I am told those around for the initial roll out of Myst-Uru Online that its startup was similar. There were lots of Alternate Reality hints spread around the RL world. I doubt we will see RL billboards going up with hints. But, the Kickstarter comments are getting interesting.

The game has begun, and you’re already playing it. There are pieces of information that you are gleaning and gathering, you’re reaching some conclusions on certain things and you’re completely in the dark about a whole lot. That’s exactly how our games work when you play them. You land on the dock, or on the ledge, or in the desert – and you begin to learn about the new world you have been tossed into.

So, our philosophy is that we’re going to treat everything we reveal to you during this Kickstarter as if the game is already being played. We don’t want to ruin your experience – we want to make the experience even better. Sure we could simply dump large spoilers, but it would be like playing with a hint book – you get through it quickly, but it leaves you unsatisfied and wanting more. We want to feed you bits and pieces of information that make you contemplate, consider, and form theories that you can explore and test. We might even throw a few puzzles out there to create a little friction as you explore. But let’s face it – this is also a business proposition, so we also want to reward you with more information so that you don’t get too frustrated. So let’s get to it…

You can get their latest hints from the latest comment, number eight.

Obduction Comment 8

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