Mainstream media is not reporting well on what the US government is doing.Much of the miss behavior is omitted from US news. Privacy is on the back burners. But, there are some celebrities that are starting to get involved. Reporting is shifting in the media, you will still have to dig for the truth.

In Europe things are cooking on the front burners: Online privacy protection, and Words not enough: Berlin and Paris want a ‘no spy’ deal with Washington. There is even talk of a second Internet that the US won’t control. In the past the US was a leader of free speech and privacy and considered a protector of the Internet. The US has lost most of its reputation on those points in the last 3 years.

SWAT team raids investigative journalist’s home, seizes confidential files. More and more often American law enforcement is doing whatever it wants.

7 thoughts on “Surveillance

  1. Welcome to Obamanation! But no worries, they just follow the law. It is all legal. Which law? -The secret law, which is enforced by the secret police, which puts you in secret prisons all over the world. If you try to run away, then they send killer drones after you and put you on kill-lists. Don’t blame the US media. They got National Security Letters and can’t talk about the Snowden Files anymore without risking imprisonment. Welcome to Obamanation!

      • You mean proof for National Security Letters to the press? No, there is no proof because the letters are secret. Whoever receives them is not allowed to talk about it. But we know that there are about 200.000 NSLs been sent between 2003 and 2006 (Washington Post). I suppose with the rise of smartphones and social networks after that time, their amount increased exponentionally. Abuse of these letters is well documented by the EFF. Since they are secret and whoever receives them has almost no chance to defend himself against them, it would be irrational to assume that they are not used to control the media and fight whistleblowers. We know today that economic espionage and the surveillance of politicians like Angela Merkel and 35 other world leaders, members of the EU and the UN, and countless lower ranked officials, that the fight against terror is only a small part of what the NSA does. Look up one of the lectures of Jakob Appelbaum. He has a great way of describing it. He is one of the many activists and journalists who were forced to leave the US and now live abroad.

  2. history told us:
    “watch the watchers”

    maybe some like participate to the petitions to US-congress:

    /me winks over from .eu

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