Second Life ToS Shot

Ouch! I just saw where Gaia Clary, mover and shaker of, has just posted how Avastar® is being changed to be an OpenSim focused tool rather than a Second Life™ focused tool. I think that strongly suggests how Gaia sees things going in the future.

See: Machinimatrix on Linden Lab’s Changes in TOS

4 thoughts on “Second Life ToS Shot

  1. I think more than an Imprudence/Kokua-esque shift in focus, they just don’t want the Blender UI littered with references to a platform with questionable respect for content rights. At least I hope that’s all it is and Second Life doesn’t become a second-thought in further updates.

  2. I can’t/won’t move to OpenSim because I don’t find all of the designers there that I do in SL. I have been sort of waiting for a big name designer to close up shop in SL because of this and I just haven’t yet. I buy lots of houseware and landscaping, in addition to a fair amount of avatar”stuff”. When Botanical, Trompe Loeil, and Fatewear close up in SL and move on to support open Sim I will start to think on making the move as well.

    Right now I don’t see jumping ship to open Sim as a smart move, it lacks both the people and the builders to make it a true replacement for SL.

    • Those are good points. Kitely and In-Worldz are seeing the arrival of some designers because they have reasonable IP protection and an economy. But, the catch-22 of customers persists.

  3. To all those thinking of leaving SL. Come on over to OpenSim. We work almost like SL but without any major lag or ToS bs from the owners of the core.

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