New Second Life ToS?

Today I had to agree to the Second LifeTM Terms of Service. Others are seeing the same. As yet I have not seen a post on the SL Forum or Blog.

Seems this hit about noon today.

5 thoughts on “New Second Life ToS?

  1. I went over it quickly, seems LL has combined the TOS’s of their 5 services in to a single one. Actual changes were hard to single out with all the restructuring.

  2. I saw that noticed too, but could not see any actual ToS. So I acknowledged the nothingness and continued on. Hope I wasn’t giving away my first born.

  3. I was away 4 days RL and on my return logged onto Phoenix, had to agree to TOS howsever for some reason the content would not ‘rezz’ so I signed regardless, would I do that with my RL financial, never!! Why in SL because I was in a hurry to log on….. bad me.

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