History: 9-11 Boatlift

A friend sent me a link to this in an email. I am surprised I did not know about it. It certainly isn’t something the news media splashed around. The video was made for the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

This is the type of thing free self-reliant people can do. It is the sort of thing government simply cannot organize. This is an example of bottom-up organizing rather than top down. Most people can not comprehend the effectiveness of chaotic systems. Each of us has to decide who we are going to rely on.

The US Coast Guard Commander that issued the radio call for boaters to gather at Governor’s Island is not a part of the political command structure and has no authority over the civilian population. He is part of the Military Command structure where people are taught to act independently and adapt to conditions on the ground. 

We saw a similar action among the flight controllers on 9-11. As time has passed the story of the flight controllers changes. Try to find articles from 2001 for the most accurate accounts. In early accounts the Newark controller made the first call to clear their air space. () In latter stories it is about and order comes from the Air Traffic Control System Command Center. You can make up your own minds as to whether political agenda creeps into our history.

A bit more about the video can be found here: Eyepop Productions’ Boatlift. You may notice the link on Eyepop’s site leads to a video with only 900,000+ viewings. Combined with RoadtoResilience’s video posting having 6+ million, that is over 7 million viewers. Actually not very many. Jump over to the YouTube site and give a LIKE.

Another amazing story of free citizens stepping up.

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