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There is an interesting video about how Oculus VR™ (OVR) is changing the game design paradigms. I came across it in my Facebook browsing. 22 minutes. Nate Mitchell is speaking at GDC 2013 (Game Developers Conference) which ran from March 25 to 29.

I’ve written about what I think the user interface problems will be. This video really gets into some of the problems and how people are handling them.

The asides and mentions in this video are very enlightening. The OVR developers are experimenting with users and game players to figure out how to create the best immersive experience. In that process they are seeing some interesting reactions from people using OVR. The simulation of reality and immersive nature of OVR has people screaming and falling out of their chairs.

Mirrors - Player Reactions

Mirrors – Player Reactions

Check out the video.


  • 00:00 Start – no intro, speech starts
  • 02:20 Mirror
  • 02:30 User Interface
  • 06:00 Demo of User Interface Problem – Z depth
  • 09:50 Immersion
  • 13:00 Simulator Sickness
  • 20:00 Multiplayer
  • 21:20 SL Mentioned
  • 21:50 Day Zero
  • 22”34 End

Since I don’t have or plan to purchase a developer kit, this video gives me more insight into the OVR problems and experiences.

I can see why Jo Jardley wants to experience 1920’s Berlin in Oculus.

Possible User Interface Features

Possible User Interface Features

I suspect this is creating a lot of excitement at Linden Lab. We know the Lab is developing a user interface for Oculus Rift headsets. I expect this and materials to make a huge difference in how we experience Second Life.

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  1. Even without VR, mirrors are powerful in virtual environments. I’ve always missed them in SL and felt them very missing.

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