Second Life Chrome Extensions

Daniel Voyager has an article up: Second Life Extensions on Google Chrome.Wow! How neat is that?

Check it out.

If you are wondering what a ‘browser extension’ is, it is a program that runs in your browser. It adds functionality to the Browser. For instance; to check on which of your friends are online you currently have visit the SL web pages, login, and look for friends. An extension does all the work for you. You see a friends list without all the hassle.

Daniel list 3 more extensions you can get.

There is a small downside to extensions. They burn up some CPU cycles and slow your browser down. They are more of a hit at start up when opening the browser then while it is running. When your browser is closed they don’t run. So, it is not a big deal.

If your browser is loaded with search tools bars like My Web Search and other annoying near malware, you need to learn about extensions and remove the annoying crap. Check these removal tutorials for help with; Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.


2 thoughts on “Second Life Chrome Extensions

  1. I just made a mistake on your blog by not answering the Solve Media puzzle and I have no idea of my posting disappeared, so this may be a repeat.

    Have you noticed the computer resources shown in the Task Manager for Chrome? What should be stopped, and how can we stop them from all turning on?
    I recently read on the Apple forum of someone losing several GB or Ram due to ‘shadow’ copies of Safari on his computer.

    • It is not a repeat… it went into spam.

      There is information on the Google Task Manager here.

      You stop extensions from running by disabling or removing them in the Extensions Manager. The article points to the instructions for doing that.

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