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I’m NOT promoting Mixamo… I am not using any of their products but, they do have a fun new promotional video out for their upcoming Webinar: Bring Your Game to Life. They sell animated characters and tools to help build them.

I think the illustration of a radically different user interface is great. I think that is something that could be done with LEAP Motion. It is something like what a new user interface for building with Oculus Rift might look like… or so I imagine.

6 thoughts on “Mixamo Promo

  1. Im fed up of businesses making their services look snazzy and simple when in fact they are nothing like whats represented in their promo videos.

    That said, yeh the video shows a good idea of where things could go with regards to Ui, so why dont they do it?

    • I think what you are tired of is basic human nature. Life will be frustrating for you if you expect human nature to change.

      So why don’t they do it? “They” are working on it.

  2. I think this video is just pure promotional and doesnt goes beyond of being anothher 3D store which sells 3D contain. sure they may have some “interesting” tools. But none of them are worth for the profesional market of gaming.

    The video shows some kind of cool UI that yeah is cool, but isnt something that they aim to. Is just a way to make advertisement funnier and cooler.

    • You are right and I agree. But, it does show what someone may develop and that was my point.

  3. Smells like a scam or Vaporware for that matter.

    Even if it’s none of those, it’s still triggering my natural “logic-sense”.
    They must be hunting for suckers investors.

    (Huh… to prove human verification down below says “Gift Horse”, something tells me we never should look for a gift in the horse’s mouth.)

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