#SL News 2 Week 51

We did get a roll to the main channel this morning. The Lab was running similar packages in all three Release Candidate channels. Blue Steel and Le Tigre had the week 49 package with additional fixes running. Magnum had the same pages with additional fixes. The Magnum package rolled to the main grid. So, we got all the fixes in the RC channels.

Content-Mesh Meeting

Content-Mesh Meeting

Sudden Massive Lag

This has been a perplexing problem for weeks. We have: BUG-355Increased Instant Sim Lag & Avi Crashes During Major Events – sim network issue. A serious problem is the Lindens have not been able to reproduce the problem. They can see it. But, they cannot trigger it. That makes it very hard to fix.

Some have thought it was the Pathfinding memory leak that was the problem. It may be. If so, we should see improvement. The memory leak fixes are in this roll out to the main channel. We will soon know if this has fixed the problem.

Simon Linden said, “I don’t think we ever got a real smoking gun for that bug report, however, so there isn’t a direct line between the two, so I don’t want to promise it’s all fixed.

But, I think we can hope.

There have been reports of problems teleporting since the roll out. The Lindens are looking at them and so far they have been network issues unrelated to the server software.

There have also been some region restarting problems… well regions NOT restarting problems. Often a second restart, which moves the region to a new simulator/server, solves the problem.

With both the teleport issues and restarting problems Simon is looking for problems and patterns that would indicate a problem with the simulator software.

Release Candidate Channels

Wednesday all three RC channels will get a single package. This package will be the same as the main channel, but with ONE additional crash fix. Since the Lab is saying nothing else about the fix, I am assuming it is an exploit fix.

This is the last roll out this year. The next two weeks are no-change-windows. Our next roll out will be January 8.


If you’re having problems logging into ADITI, you are not alone. There is as problem with disks filling up on the ADITI grid. They cannot just put in a new hard disk. They have the special equipment they need on order. Plus, developers are working on changing the ADITI software. Some inventory related memory links have been fixed.

Experience Permissions

Remember this project? It is still in progress.

These permissions are the ones that Linden Realms is based on. It seems there was some problem that held things up. That apparently has been resolved and work on the permissions is proceeding again.

We have no ETA or other information.

Interest List

Andrew Linden did some optimization work on the Interest List code. This is the code the server uses to decide what things to send to the viewer. It does a better job of figuring out what is in your field of view and sending just that.

Andrew says, “Last week I managed to find an optimization opportunity in my Interest List project, which shaves a few hundred usec off of some cases where there are a lot of Full Object Updates.

So this would translate to better server FPS when in large groups of avatars or when in the presence of stuff that is generating lots of full updates.

Otherwise, I fixed the last bug in my Interest List project last week and it is going through QA today.

Really… last bug.

I hope...

Any object, avatar or prim, that moves requests Full Object Updates. So, regions with lots of moving things can request lots of updates. Of course lots of avatars request lots of updates and increase the number of computers to which updates are sent.

Multi-Threaded Crossing

This project is moving forward. Caleb Linden posted in the SL Forum that they will be doing a load test Wednesday the 19th. See: Threaded Region Crossing Pile On Tests. The test will be on ADITI at 4 PM in the GC Test 9 region. You need access to the region, which you may have to request from Caleb. Plus you need to be able to talk via IRC (EFNET -> #sltest).

This is just after the Open Source meeting in AGNI.


Work is continuing on several projects. We just aren’t getting lots of information about them.

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