#SL News 1 Week 42

This Tuesday we got a roll to the main channel. This is the package that was on Blue Steel. This is the code to improve performance for Large Groups. It is not the Large Group Editing changes that Baker has made. Those changes are in a package still stuck in QA.

It has been quite since the roll out. That usually means things are working as expected.

Sever-Scripting Meeting September 2012


Is going to continue to run the same package it has had for the last couple of weeks. This is a package that adapts the simulator to the new hardware. It contains various configuration changes for the Denebian OS running in the region servers. I have no information whether this is identical to last week or some configuration settings are changing. Whatever the case, it is expected users won’t see any difference.

Blue Steel

Andrew says this code is from Falcon and has to do with getting the server code to compile under VS2010. The work also extends to the Viewer Build system the Lab uses. While this code nay make more efficient use of the hardware we probably won’t see a difference. I always think they mean a change in behavior other than performance.

With servers currently running mostly at the maximum 45 Physics FPS, improvements in server efficiency generally mean more free cycles for the server. That in turn means a server can carry more load before we start to see the server’s FPS degrade. But, it is going to have little or no effect on the viewers’ FPS.

Le Tigre

Le Tigre will get a package that has a new Havok Version. If you are thinking this means region crossing problems, your memory is working. It will mean crossing problems for mesh objects and especially mesh vehicles.

However, talking to Andrew attendees got him talking with deploy team to get all the Blake Sea regions moved into the same RC Channel. He also made a check of the dune buggy areas to see if they were all on the same channel. So, hopefully before Wednesday morning the channels will be reorganized to reduce the problems from Havok version updates. We’ll see.

There is a VS2010 build of the Havok Libraries being used with this RC, according to Andrew.

Some crash problems and some Pathfinding problems are supposedly fixed in this RC too. I was getting the impression that Andrew and Simon Linden were not all that up on what all is in the package.

Interest List

Andrew Linden continues to work with the Interest List. His work has revealed a problem in the existing main channel server code. That fix is in an RC… I think.

Flying Pathfinding Characters

No… we’re are not getting flying Pathfinding (PF) characters. But, PF Character do fly. It is some kind of render bug. It is pretty easy to reproduce the bug. Find a PF character that is on patrol. Position your avatar and camera so that one of the patrol way points is just off the screen. Place where they make a 180 are good candidates for showing the problem.

When the character reaches the point and turns you will see the character go flying of in some random direction. It seems dependent on camera orientation and amount of character turn.

You can find a PF Character in Denby. Look for the crystal on the hill. A walking cube man is nearby. He is a PF Character on patrol. Andrwe was thinking of copying Denby to ADITI to see if his Interest List changes fix the problem.

Andrew thinks his new Interest List code will fix the problem.

Sudden Lag

There is no new news on the Sudden Massive Lag or AKA stale server problem that appears to be a network problem. See the thread: Increase in Instant SIM LAG & Crashes During Larger Events – Network Source?.

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  1. I noticed one “bug” with the new sim server rollout. The diagonal regions not rezing issue is worse. Now 3 out of 4 diagonal regions from my mainland home are not rezing.
    posted @ the forums here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Server-12-10-08-265664-makes-diagonal-region-problem-worse/td-p/1702343

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