Adult RP 2012 Postponed

Nikira Naimarc sent me a news release on the Adult Role Play 2012 event. It seems it is being postponed. While I think it could be an interesting event, those sponsoring and participating as the movers and shakers have to be excited too. There also has to be enough of them to pull off such an event.

Adult Roleplay 2012 Logo

Events like SL9B takes a bunch of work and money. It can be far too much work and money for one person. The more people involved the easier it becomes. That is sort of what is happening with the Adult RP 2012 event. There is also considerable financial risk. Event sponsors will want some assurance of a successful event that has a good possibility of returning their investment. Such assurance is hard to come by with first time events.

Adult events also have some degree of stigma. Seedy-City Redlight sounds like fun to me and in my mind is somewhat synonymous with Romantic Nights… ok… well… may be romantic-one-nighters is closer. But, some see the stigma ahead of the fun, romance, and play. So, as yet no one has found the presentation of the Adult aspects of SL that works for a majority of people, which I find surprising as most people really like sex, especially with a taste of romance. Fifty Shades of Grey is doing very well and is way kinky. May be 2013’s 50 Shades of Role Play would work better. Who knows? It’s all in the presentation, which is why fashion is so popular.

Whatever, I’ll paraphrase the news release:

PRESS RELEASE 30.09.2012

Inspired by this year’s birthday event SL9B the idea of an Adult Role Play event  with a fair and forum discussions was born. For the “Adult Role Play 2012” event an expression of interest process was conducted in September. Overall, the response was very positive. But, it turned out the lead time is too short.  Scheduling the event in November just isn’t allowing enough time. Therefore, we have decided to cancel the “Adult Role Play” event for this year and scheduled it for next year and plans to combine it with a larger event.

So, we have asked the organizing team for the SL10B event to allow us to participate. If we get enough positive feedback, the SL10B event will add an adult based area. In this case an “Adult Role Play 2013” event would become part of SL10B.

At this agency, I want to thank everyone who has supported the idea of the “Adult Role Play 2012” and still wants to support it. For anyone interested in the “Adult Role Play” event, we have kept the Info Center in Seedy-City Redlight available. There you can get an inquiry form for exhibitors and participants.

I think this could be an interesting part of SL10B. With months to plan, it will be interesting to see what can be built.

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