Adult Roleplay 2012 Event Planned

The number of regions designated as Adult has been growing. They now make up more than 12% of all regions in Second Life™, according to Grid Survey. With the coming appearance of SL on Steam some anticipate more adult role players will be coming into SL.

Adult Roleplay 2012 Logo

Nikira Naimarc contacted me recently about plans for welcoming role players coming from the Steam gaming system. The idea is to provide an exhibition and conference for the large community of adult roleplayers in Second Life. It is hoped the exhibit can be used by owners of adult roleplay regions, roleplayer groups, manufacturers of RP equipment, and RP service to present their offerings.

Nikira Naimarc

Nikira is looking for more information from the community before finalizing the organization of the Adult Roleplay 2012 event. If you are interested in being an exhibitor, promoting your group, promoting you product or services,  or you are into the educational side of roleplay training then the Adult Roleplay 2012 event is something to check out.

Seedy City

Contact Nikira Naimarc for more information or visit their information center in world in Seedy City, where you can get an information card about the exhibition. You can fill out the notecard and leave in the mailbox available in the region. Ask your questions or sign up to be included.

For an idea of how adult roleplay can work… or not… check out the video… which has absolutely nothing to do with anything I’ve just written about. But I did think it funny.



2 thoughts on “Adult Roleplay 2012 Event Planned

  1. Nikira has some absolutely clever ideas about the event she is planning. I wish her great success. (for my part, I expect to help w/ the planning on some level) Adult SL and Zindra need more big events and positive publicity news to get excited about. (since the Lab itself has done everything it could to crush such events so far)

    • Well… not yet they haven’t. They have yet to turn SL off… 😛

      Thanks for helping with the event.

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