Male Mesh Clothes Needed

We still need more clothes for male avatars for the Deformer test.

Last week at this time I ran an article about Oz Linden’s request for more male clothes for testing. (More #SL Mesh Clothes Needed) As of yesterday, when I asked him, Oz has not received any new test garments for males. We need to either make some for testing or get some designers to provide some test versions.

For those of us making test clothes it takes some time. We have no idea how much time is left. We know a new version of the Deformer is in process. Then the code has to make it to the Deformer Project Viewer. We can expect some re-uploads to be needed once a new project viewer comes out. We need more test clothes for that new project viewer.

If you are planning to submit test clothes, please add a comment. Thanks.

And… more clothes for either gender in general are needed for testing.

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