More #SL Mesh Clothes Needed

There is a small collection of mesh clothes in Hippo Hollow for testing the Mesh Deformer, aka Parametric Deformer. You can get a copy of the Mesh Deformer Project Viewer. With that you can see how the clothes from the test set work.

Mesh Deformer Control in LL Project Viewer

Oz Linden says for now the lack of test clothes is not holding things up. But, very soon it will.

The current version of the deformer (0.3 by my count) has some problems that cause flicker and flashing. Once those are fixed, the lack of clothes WILL BE DELAYING the Deformer project. We need to get more sample mesh clothes into the test set. See this post for Oz’s initial request: Examples Request.  It includes instructions for submitting examples.

Type of Example

While it is nice to have mesh clothes with beautiful textures, using the UV Test image helps one see problems. So, consider using or at least including the UV Test image.

These need to be examples uploaded with the Mesh Deformer Project Viewer. See the image above.

Any item that you find is not handled well by the Deformer is a prime candidate as an example.

Any item that does not size well with appearance, using the Deformer, is another prime example.


Creating examples for the Deformer test is a pain. But, without examples and a means to test the Deformer and detect problems we will likely get a Deformer that is not quite what we needed.

So, please contact at least one mesh clothes designer and ask them to submit an example to help with testing.

That ends this PSA…


3 thoughts on “More #SL Mesh Clothes Needed

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  2. I met a traveller wearing antique prims
    Who said: Two vast and cockless balls of stone
    Lie in the Cornfield. Near them, edge of sim.
    Half sunk, some ghastly boobies lie, alone,
    Whose shape, and perverted script commands,
    Suggest the sculptor was a lonely him.
    Passions remain, carved as this lifeless thing,
    While humans never walk this ancient rim.
    A touch reveals the past time’s magic words:
    “My name is Oz–Man, bow before thy king!
    I charge you all, Obey!” But none have heard.
    Nothing beside remains, and none may hear
    The futile screams across an empty bay.
    With no replies (that much, it seems is clear)
    The Lord still reigns and silence marks the way.

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