Interesting #SL Things in the Background


BUG-81 – add the number of groups you’re in to the bottom of the group list. I’m not sure that is the exact title, I can’t read the JIRA. Whatever, this is a feature in Marine Kelley’s RLViewer and is in a beta version of Dolphin 3. The code is being contributed to the SL Viewer project. So, we may see it in a future version of the SL Viewer.

It would be nice to have a count of the groups I’m in. Once upon a time we could click WATCH and follow progress on the JIRA item and hopefully give the Lab an idea of how many were interested in the feature.


BUG-59 – Add a GO TO LINE # to the script editor. (Not exact) This would add the ability to enter a line number and have the script editor scroll to that line. Could be handy. We’ll see it in Third Party Viewers and probably the SL Viewer.


The Retrained Love Viewer has features not included in the SL Viewer. These are features that in a technical sense allow a viewer to be programmed to accept instructions from another viewer or scripted object. There are a number of possible uses beyond dominate/submissive play.

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#SL News Week 22


PATHBUG-136llSetRot() completely broken in RC PF This is a problem only on the Pathfinding (PF) enabled servers/regions.

Andrew Linden thinks he has this one fixed and believes the fix for that was deployed yesterday, Thursday. I’m not sure if he meant to AGNI or ADITI and didn’t think to ask him at the time.

Andrew has moved on to fixing Keyframe bugs in the Pathfinding.

Server Scripting Meeting

Rebake the Navmesh

There was a problem where rebaking the Navmesh would go into a perpetual pending state. Falcon Linden thinks he has that fixed. The change rolled to the AGNI (I think) PF Test Regions Friday morning. Falcon wants you to report if that happens again. Include the time and region name in your report.

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#SL Pathfinding News Wk16

We have lots of new information on Pathfinding.

This week saw the first Second Life® PUG meeting: Pathfinding User Group. This is a group lead by Falcon and Lorca Linden. It is to be held each week in PATHTEST1, ADITI. The meeting starts at 4 PM SLT/PDT. All those interested in Pathfinding are welcome.

First PUG Meeting

There is no in-world Pathfinding group for chat and drama. The meeting is not yet listed on the User Group page.

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Second Life Pathfinding Week 14

Pathfinding is advancing. More testing is needed. As we play with it we are finding problems. Those are being fixed. Since we are easily finding problems we need more testers to extend the context and hardware variety.


This call will fail and drag the region’s Time Dilation down if there is no Navmesh within 20m. That isn’t intentional. Expect it to be fixed.

Neat Avatars


The 3.3.1 (251341) Project Viewer does not have working Navmesh tools. Some of them work. The Show Navmesh part doesn’t work for me. The download link for 3.3.2 (252475) fails. So, I am stalled playing with the ‘Tools’ feature of Pathfinding.

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