Dolphin Viewer 3.2.10 (23198) Released

Today we got a new release of Dolphin Viewer 3. If you have an ATI/AMD video card, you may want to avoid this release or read carefully before attempting to use the new release.

Texture Compression

A new feature was added to help those with lower end graphics cards, those with less video RAM. Just as textures are compressed for downloading to save on bandwidth and storage space, so too are textures compressed as they are placed into video RAM.

If your card has less then 512mb of video ram, compression will be turned on by default.  If you have an ATI video card, keep it turned off.

Preferences->Graphics->Hardware settings.


Help buttons in the Dolphin viewer now take one to the Dolphin Forum.

Other Features

The viewer gets a spam filter in this release. It gets an Asset Black List, which is like ‘Derender’ in some other TPV’s. The difference being it remembers the derender as you tp form place to place. When you return to the region the ‘derendered’ objects will still not render.

A search for sound emitting objects has been added. It can block sound from some objects.

A fix for the flying while TP’ing keeps one flying after the teleport.

Some performance improvements.

My Experience

I used the viewer for a couple of hours. I made it through a fun shopping trip. Just as I TP’d into a User Group meeting I crashed.

With Lighting & Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, and Sun-Moon shadows I was getting around 12 FPS.

All the viewers I am running now seem slow. Someone with twin 590’s and a 6 core i7 was getting 35 FPS with the SL viewer. So, I suppose the problem is in the Linden code.

2 thoughts on “Dolphin Viewer 3.2.10 (23198) Released

  1. Do GTX 590’s work properly? SLI does not seem to be a performance benefit and in my case was always a huge hit. A single card was far faster. One thing I noticed with my GTX 460 was that it downshifts speed unless running in Ultra. Solution was to use Nvidia Control Panel to run it as “prefer maximum performance” for Power Mode.

    • I understand there are some people that know how to configure SLI to work with SL. They make custom settings in the nVidia Control Panel. The second GPU and second card will only help with texture decompression. So, the improvement is there, but small.

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