Firestorm-Phoenix Viewer Meeting

The meeting was planned to start at 2PM today. They are using 4 regions. One region is used for the speakers and camera crew and the other 3 for the audience.  But, the regions were phasing in and out while I was there. My SL Viewer was crashing, Firestorm crashed, Cool VL didn’t crash but I could not get in and the ‘Can’t Establish Connection’ errors from the FS/PH Support group, makes it impossible to do anything.

The stream from Treet.TV was never put up so no one could hook in and listen. But, the recording should be out Wednesday morning.

So, it would seem about 100 people is the limit for 4 regions…

If you think going into Rockcliffe 1 with 30 people will work, think again. While one can get in, the region is lagged to death and you can’t cam into voice range.

I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Firestorm-Phoenix Viewer Meeting

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  2. Did the meeting ever actually happen?
    I was there very early but got logged out before it started (sim crashed).
    Then I caught it on but the sim Jessica was on crashed. At that point I gave up!

    • I’ve heard some say that Jessica hung-in and completed the meeting. I saw you there. But, I crashed out twice and left once. The regions were way overloaded. They running Second Life Server on all four regions. So, this is as good as it gets right now. I’ll be following up with some questions in the Server Beta group.

  3. The stream was up and working with the start of the Office Hour – with 40 minutes delay.

    • The 40 minute delay is probably why I could not find the stream. I went in almost 30 minutes early. 20 minutes after start I gave up and could not find the stream.

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