#SL Server-Scripting UG News Week 9

There is quite a bit of news this week. Some interesting stuff.


Andrew Linden has talked with the ‘land people,’ whoever they are, and the feature that allows one to return encroaching objects is ready. The feature has been in progress for weeks. Mesh objects created some problems apparently. The code is already rolled to the main grid and apparently has been there for some time. But, now it is ready to be enabled. Andrew is working on a script to go through and enable the feature on all the mainland regions.

Server Scripting Group

He is in process with the script. Exactly when it will be ready and the encroachment feature is enabled is not yet set. I would guess a week or two, but there is no way to know. However, once Andrew is sure his script works, he’ll tell the support team and give them an opportunity to make a blog announcement.

LSL Text Highlighting

If you are not a scripter, you may not realize there are 35 or so new functions. Most of those functions are not recognized by the viewer’s script editor. There are no tips or text highlighting. That is because the ability to highlight is built into the viewer. Some set of files has to be updated to add the new functions to the viewer’s highlighting ability.

Andrew is changing that. A system is being setup to use the data in the server that allows the server to compile scripts. Once in place, any time the server is updated the viewer can download the information and be up to date.

In many ways this will improve scripting in Second Life. One thing: the plan is for the viewer to be able to request the syntax file from the sim host, so the syntax file may be different from region to region, depending on the channel.

Members of the Pathfinding Team want to update LSL from the servers. So, the progress will likely move quickly.


Andrew is going to add a feature to the llGetEnv() to allow one to get the Parcel Multiplier value. With that value figuring out the prim limit on a parcel is possible. This is a side project for Andrew. However he thinks he can complete it this week.

Along with this new ability to retrieve a value Andrew is planning to add an ENV item that will list all variables available, for debugging and discovery. I think that is way handy.

Relocated Mainland Sandboxes

Simon says the request for some sandboxes to be relocated in the mainland is underway.

New Forum Section

A private Simulator Discussion Group section of the forum has been setup for those working with the Beta Server Group. If you are not part of the group, you may not be able to see it and you certainly won’t be able to post. Access was provided to those attending the Beta group meetings. Now that it is set up, access is by invitation only.

Private sections of the forum give Lindens the ability to control who is able to post and read. It is mostly to keep those uninformed about a project from derailing discussions.

I point out that private sections exist where the Lindens work with residents in semi-public ways, because of all the rhetoric about Lindens not working with residents.

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