#SL Server Scripting Update Wk6

Flight Limit

If you start flying straight up you stall out a bit below 200 meters, about 175. This is a limit imposed by the Lab’s servers. We get around the limit by using flight feathers and other devices that let us fly higher and faster.

There is some discussion about removing that limit. Simon Linden thinks people using Animation Over Riders (AO) will be popping into orbit. I don’t have any AO’s that have flight enhancement. So, I’m clueless as to where that idea comes from.

However, without a limit a flight enhancement will likely speed up your accent. Whether it will slam you into orbit I have no clue. But, if we suddenly hit high altitudes when we start flying we’ll know that the flight limit has been removed.

It is unclear of the limit will be removed or just raised. May be the limit will be 1,000m or 2,000m, or some other value.

Script Limits

We have been hearing about script limits coming to SL for some time. Today I heard Kelly Linden say the project is not even being worked on. So, it sounds like that is an idea put back on the shelf. I suppose the new Land Impact costs have taken the place of Script Limits.


Some people have run into attachments that are a problem. They can’t be removed. Sometimes others can’t see them or they are in the wrong place. Some times others can see them but the one wearing them can’t.

The Lindens have not been able to reproduce the problem. If you are one of the ones seeing the problem, write up how to reproduce the problem and put it in a JIRA.

Large Groups

These are a problem. The Lindens are looking at it. But, the Lindens don’t have it as a high priority. I’ve seen the discussion in the forum. It is mostly a merchant’s issue.

In the SL Viewer 3.3.0 (248913) Feb  6 opening a large group drags the viewer down to 0.2 FPS. It takes 3 or 4 minutes to recover. Opening the Roles panel in a large group like Firestorm/Phoenix Viewer Support (14,455 – the max count displays as the list loads), can tie up the viewer for 4 to 6 minutes and longer if you have a slow connection.

The Lindens think the problem is exaggerated by lost packets. The amount of data is large and if I caught the drift, the group data loads using UDP rather than HTTP. So, a lost packet could hang the download.


We usually have more news coming through the group. Recently news has been a bit light. I suppose that may mean whatever is going on may be confidential until management announces it.

4 thoughts on “#SL Server Scripting Update Wk6

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  2. It’s about time LL decouple groups to the web and enhance them with more features. It would resolve a number of problems and improve communication inside and outside Second Life.

    • With all the privacy issues Google is creating the Lab certainly has an opportunity to create something.

  3. most of the issues with misattachments seems to the new neck attachment point. on older viewers they can show in odd places. bit like what happened when emerald starting doing extra attachments. if u also switch viewers from new to old then cant unattach. sometimes if you switch back then cant unattach either. cache confusion or something seems most likely

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