#SL OpenGL Fixes

In this week’s mesh meeting the topic of viewer fixes being stuck in the development pipeline came up. For some time we have been dealing with viewer issues from OpenGL.

Runitai Linden said this in the Mesh Meeting:

The GL compatibility pass that hasn’t shipped yet is still in QA — it’s a very large change and there are still several regressions that need addressing before it ships.

In regard to fixes not making it to the main viewer:

It’s really a side effect of having a rapid release cycle — not every release can contain all the bugs that have been fixed because integrating them takes time — we have to pick which ones go in first.

Some of the remaining problems with the fixes are performance related, taking the Mac side to 5 to 10 FPS on good hardware. Until that problem is found and fixed it holds the process up for those related fixes.

For those with serious OpenGL issues, try the Shining Fixes branch of viewer development. SL Shining Viewer Download – build 3.2.1-244115 today.

Also, the SL Development Viewer (build 3.2.1-244112) has a number of fixes in it.

Be warned these viewer will have other problems and probably new bugs and returning old ones. Its part of the development cycle.

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