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It is never easy to know what is going on with the SL Commerce Team. One logs into their merchant’s dashboard and finds changes… That may be changing.

CommerceTeam Linden, a new Linden personality that is supposedly the team rep, posted that new release notes are being published in the SL Wiki. I suppose that means we won’t see updates in the forum. See Release Notes/Marketplace Current. This is supposed to be an ongoing thing. The updates there now have been made by Brooke Linden.

CommerceTeam Linden also posted this comment: Best ways to contact the Commerce Team. For those of us that have been around SL for some time it sounds familiar. Basically what is said is: post in the forum, we may notice and do something, but don’t count on it. Otherwise, file a support ticket or a JIRA. Well… isn’t that reassuring? We have a way to get something done… right.

Updated 10/12

When one considers the number of residents that tell new residents to not bother posting in the forum, one has to wonder what the commerce team is thinking when making such a suggestion. One surely is also left scratching their head over the instructions to use trouble tickets and the JIRA after the years of complaints about those two communication channels.

I will give the Lab the point that in many ways the handling of JIRA items has greatly improved. But, the commerce team seems to be losing the PR battle.

Update: 10/12 – The Le Tigre Release Channel got the new inventory services upgrade. This upgrade includes Direct Delivery. I suppose this means anyone with their avatar in a Le Tigre region will get more reliable delivery. I am not at all sure how this will work for sellers wanting to experiment with Direct Inventory to Market.

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