Halloween in Second Life 2011

In Second Life we have traditional events that the Lab has put on to show off content. One of the spontaneous events that residents build for is Halloween, which is a big and growing holiday in America. Residents create hunts with hundreds of search locations. Some places create hunts within a single region. It is way big fun.

Halloween Fun via Farthington Whetmore's Portal

Finding all those participating with spooky Halloween builds and hunts has never been easier. The Destination Guide and What’s Hot Now are both helping expose fun places to residents. Plus Farthington Whetmore has created an in-world portal to Halloween builds. Contact him in world via IM or the new Send Message to add your location.

New Send Message

Also, there is a neat thread in the SL Forum. The Haunted Halloween season is just around the corner — how will you celebrate? There are shops and haunted houses listed in the thread. Everything from tattoos to bodies and funny to gruesome monsters are listed. As of now there are about 3 pages of stuff listed.

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