2011’s Burn 2 Opens Today

Surely you know Burn 2 is opening today, at noon SLT/PDT. The calendar for Burn 2 events is here: 2011 Burn 2 Events Calendar.

Daniel Voyager is really into Burn 2 and providing excellent coverage of Burn 2 in his blog: Daniel Voyager’s Blog.

Temple - Image By Honour McMillan

The background and details for Burn 2 can be found at the Burn 2 site.

Another level of coverage is coming from Honour McMillan in her blog. She is involved in Burn 2 and is providing a live stream of SL events. Check out her post: Burn2 2011 in Second Life – The LiveStream!

The temple in the image is here: Temple.

You may not know the history of Burn in SL. For a time it was a Linden thing because several Lindens were into the Burn. Anyone could have a free plot at the Burn. In 2009 the Burn used 30 regions. Now it is a resident run event. The Burn covers 4 regions this year. You can get a preview of Burn 2 at Prim Perfect.

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