OMG! Merchants Get Screwed?

I was surprised to find Darrius’ rip on Linden Lab’s Commerce Team this evening. I’m not surprised the Commerce Team released such a disaster. They tend to hide under their desks and it seems that behavior is catching up with them.

If you are a merchant selling in world or in the Market Place, your record keeping just turned into a feces flash mob.

Darrious Gothly posted the details in SL Marketplace Update Goes Sideways. It looks like a major failure in management and quality control.

Inara Pey posted SL Marketplace consternation. She covers several of the problems and provides links into the forum where the problems are being discussed.

I find it amazing that teams in the Lab do things so differently. Some teams have great relationships with residents, well, most residents. Others just seem clueless and have people carrying tar and features searching for them. The help the mesh team has received in getting mesh working is an example of a good feedback and testing loop. Too bad the Commerce Team doesn’t have something similar…


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