#SL Scripting Update Week 34

The Scripting Maintenance Release rolled to the main grid last week. Kelly Linden tells us the release is doing well. See #SL Scripting Update Week 33 for the details of that release.

Now that the Scripting Release is out Kelly is finishing up any tweaks to it and preparing to move on to Server Maintenance. There are some glitches to fix but all does seem to be going well.


This is not working as expected when used in any prim other than the root prim. I think the JIRA is SCR-162.

Repeating Parameters

When one uses llSetPrimParams() there are a number of parameters that have to be used with each call using PRIM_LINK_TARGET or the call fails. This can get repetitively tedious. While it would be nice to have the function only change the values used, Kelly thinks adding that feature would get complex. Plan to be repeating the parameters for some time to come.

Functions List

There is a list of the LSL functions in the viewer. You can find it in the Second Life program folder. The list is in C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer2\skins\default\xui\en\strings.xml. Search for LSLTipText to find the functions. Unfortunately this is not the most up to date list.

Lists of functions are used to build syntax highlight files for various script editors.

Script Limits

This is something that is still in the works. We have seen some of it with mesh costing more when scripted. Kelly says until this round of Script Maintenance settles in and is well tested, we won’t see script limits or larger scripts.


Kelly will be working on Server Maintenance and miscellaneous items affecting reliability and stability. So, it may be a couple of weeks or more before we know what the next big project may be.

The meeting agenda for the Content Scripting has changed a bit. Kelly plans for it to be 1st and 3rd Mondays for triage, 2, 4th and 5th for discussion.

The speculation is with a Lindens having a region devoted to their building and people hired by and  assigned to build for the Lab we will see some significant changes in the SL build and script tools.

2 thoughts on “#SL Scripting Update Week 34

    • No. I saw where one of the Lindens was talking about that. I think it is live in some regions on ADITI. But, I forgot the details. Kelly Linden said (8/8/11) he expects it some time after mesh roll out…

      It is probably an Andrew Linden thing now. But Oskar Linden says we will see it in release channel ‘real soon now’. Reference

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