Favorite Social Network?

Daniel Voyager is taking a poll of which network is your favorite. Jump over and give a click.

See: Which social networking site is your favorite for Second Life in 2011?

Some choices are not what I would consider social networks, but that is just me. I suppose I can see how Flickr might be a social network. I just never thought of it that way.

With 16 votes Twitter is leading… we need more votes to get an idea of where SL Residents hang out.

I played with Plurk this morning. It certainly has some nice features. I find it hard to locate subjects or follow an issue. It seems much more people oriented. Twitter seems more subject oriented. May be it is just the # makes searching easier.

The People Finder at Plurk sucks. I may be doing something wrong but even searching with names taken from Plurk friends in other people’s lists my result is always ZERO found. Its like I have to give them an email address or forget it.

In general I still find Plurk less useful than Twitter. Plurk’s user interface is nicer. I’ll play with Plurk some more and decide.

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