SL8B Roller Coaster

I went down to SL8B to see what was up. There are some fun builds and interesting stuff. I think one of the amazing toys is the Roller Coaster. I suggest a high FPS viewer for the ride. You can find the SL8B Roller Coaster here.

Roller Coaster

On the Coaster

There is a train ride too. The train ride is here. It isn’t as fun as the roller coaster, but it is a neat illusion.

The Train Ride

Through the Looking Glass is a fun little experience. You may have some trouble navigating it, if the region hasn’t restarted recently. But, it is the first part that is cute.

There is some nice art in Fae Varriale Shadows & Light, next door to Through the Looking Glass. Be sure to go up stairs. The in motion art piece is nice.

One of the more interesting aspects of SL8B, but rather subtle, is the textures. Some of the ground textures and building wall textures are exceptionally well done.

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