Honor’s Rant

There is a gorgeous post (pictures) and an interesting rant in Honor’s blog today. If you don’t regularly look at her posts, Sunday’s is a good one to look at.  Check out: I do not have to Apologize for Using Viewer 2 in Second Life.

Something to Notice

I’m not writing about Honor when I ask, have you noticed how rude and hateful complainers can be?

Honor calls her post a rant. It is very civil for a rant. I think it is even constructive. She is tired of hearing about how bad the SL Viewer 2 is. What she and I are tired of is the users of various viewers and especially those anti-series 2 viewer people belittling other viewers and those using them.

Most of us probably don’t care which viewer anyone uses. I have preferences and reasons for using a viewer… or in my case, viewers. Others are welcome to their preferences and reasons too. I can consider others and respect their viewpoint. I’m just tired of THEM disrespecting others choices.

Something to Do

Check out Honor’s entry in SLB8. Two weeks from now…


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