Second Life Server Updates Week 2

Here is an update on the changes happening with the grid servers.

The Encroachment Project, the feature to allow one to remove prims encroaching on their property, failed to pass its test in the Blue Steel Release Channel. That means it is stuck in Blue Steel for another week with new fixes applied. With any luck it will roll to the main grid next week.

The Le Tigre channel was testing the new Simulator Shutdown code. It passed its tests and was rolled to the main grid. This code improves several things on the server side of the Second Life Grid. Faster simulator restarts and fewer inventory problems are two expected improvements.

Le Tigre gets the Viewer Metrics project for testing. This is the server side of a recent change to the SLV 2.5 Beta and 2.6 Development viewers. Code has been added to allow the Lab to gather better data on viewer performance. The hope being they can find bottlenecks and remove them.

On Magnum, what the Lab is calling Centrals Supreme is going to spend another week in testing on the release channel. The simulator shut down and fixes are being added and all will undergo another week of testing. The Centrals Supreme is the name for upgrades to the Map Server, the one that sends region maps to your world map.

Centrals Supreme also includes the code supporting the new Inventory API’s, which are supposed to make inventory updates faster and less error prone.

An upgraded Region Conductor, which is part of the Centrals Supreme, remains on Magnum for another week. The Conductor handles restarting regions. When a region crashes or restarts for any reason the Conductor finds an available simulator in which to load it.

For the next week Magnum will be retesting Centrals Supreme along with the Simulator Shutdown code added.


While there is nothing exciting happening this week, there is progress.

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