Second Life Server Updates

On Tuesdays we usually get new software for the grid. On Wednesday new software arrives on the Release Candidate areas of the grid. The big feature for the main grid is TMalloc, which is about memory allocation and providing information to Linden Lab (LL) for debugging the software. I think this may also provide some improvement for region crossings.

It looks like we are getting caught up on fixes and will start to see new or improved features coming out. Most of these features are still in the line of problem solving, but will do things in new ways, hopefully reducing lag and other problems. 

The Release Notes for the 2010-11-01 release notes are not yet up… (they were updated, after I wrote this) I’m unclear, but it looks like the fix for friends not showing when online is NOT making it to the main grid. However it appears the bug will spread to the main grid as the fix for it is tested this week in Blue Steel. I’m not sure I understand the logic in that, but I’m not coding the fixes.

TMalloc is now going to be on for all sim’s by default and is rolling to the main grid.

SIM Disk Operations that run as threaded processes are rolling out. This means the SIM can have several parallel tasks working to get data on and off the disk. We should see a performance improvement. Don’t get too excited or expect too much as this will likely have to be tweaked for best performance.

Five Minute Wait while SIM logs you out fixed – SVC-583.

Ghosting Fixed – Several of the causes for stuck avatars that prevent login have been fixed.

More Server Crash bugs Fixed…

Coming Testing

The Blue Steel Release Channel did not successfully complete. It will remain in testing in Blue Steel with the addition of fix for SVC-6399, friends online not showing.

Le Tigre will get the Thread Rez change. If I understand, rather than everything rez’n via a single thread multiple threads will be used. This means more things can appear to simultaneously rez and reduce rez time. Complex objects currently sort of stall rez’n until the object completes.

Magnum, is getting the new Agent Inventory Service (AIS … another acronym). This will means SIM’s will eventually no longer have to handle inventory. This should reduce the load on region servers. The viewer will update and work with inventory by talking with a centralized service. This is a staged rollout. Initially only download/retrieval will be handled by the new system as it is tested. Adding to inventory will be handled by the old system routing thought the sim server. The idea is this will prevent loss of inventory as the system is put into service and the typical unexpected problems are found.

Bug Fixes – There are a load of other various bug fixes which I haven’t kept up with this week. Its been Halloween. 🙂

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