Emerald Viewer Build 2100

Emerald Viewer 2100

Grid Setting for OSGrid

Wow… a few days of RL work and I’m left behind. Emerald has a new beta release out. Yay! Build 2100 is out.

The exporter has been improved and is not supposed to crash. I’ll have to try it and see how it works. I have original builds in SL that I would like to move to OSGrid. I’ve also made some stuff in OSGrid that I would like to bring into SL. You will find it in the pie menu, right-click an object and click MORE until you see EXPORT. It exports an XML file. Textures are loaded into a folder. Of course you have to be the owner of all parts and textures for it to work. I didn’t push the limits, but in general it seems to work.

More Emerald features have returned with this release, search and replace in note card editing has returned. Always handy. The grid manager is back. I like that.

Of course the first thing I did is try to login on OSGrid. That fails. Grumble… grumble… The fix is easy. See the image for the correct OSGrid settings. The primary fix is to change the Login URI to http://osgrid.org:8002/

Emerald Viewer 2100 (2)

Friends List Options

I’m lost on the use of #r and #i… time to read a manual? There is one… out of date and a bit lame. See Emerald User Guide

They say the script preprocessor is gone… well… it still opens to the LSL Editor so I’m happy.

There is a new splash screen that has better information on Emerald and SL status that is way nice.

Improved performance… I’m getting 25 to 35 FPS… which after using Kirsten’s Viewer seems a bit average. That is at HIGH with anti-aliasing off. With anti-aliasing on I’m down to 15-28 FPS. On ULTRA there isn’t much change, averages around 26 FPS. Turning on shadows takes me down to 4-5 FPS and only my attachments cast a shadow. I also see some render frames as saw tooth ziggy blur now and then, something that is common in Kirsten’s.

Emerald Viewer 2100 (3)

Build Dialog - Copy Features

I like the ability to copy and paste object values in the Build Dialog. See the image. Now if we can get them to add a paste mirrored… I would be thrilled. See the image and notice the C and P buttons to the right of the value fields.

I still like Hippo best for Terrain Editing. But Emerald is very close, it has good terrain editing.

Mac users will be happy to know that Emerald doesn’t crash on OS X Tiger… or so they say.

There are more fixes but the ones here are one that affect me. I like the build. Emerald is a great viewer and the team is making excellent progress.

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