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A new Imprudence viewer is out, version 1.2.2. The Imprudence blog in a post by Jacek Antonelli states the only real change is the removal of the ability to download textures from Second Life using export. It seems it does not matter whether you created the texture or not. However, this only affects you while connected to Second Life.

So, if you are only using the viewer on grids other than SL’s, you DO NOT NEED this download. Only if you use the Imprudence Viewer in SL will you want this download. They are looking to enable permissions compliant texture download in the future.

As of April 30 all viewers must meet the new TPVP (Second Life – Third Party Viewer Policy). Version 1.2.2 is believed to meet the policy standard. Imprudence developers state Versions 1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.3.0 beta 1, and 1.3.0 beta 2 are NOT compliant. Whether you can login with them… I don’t know yet. The rumor is that even if you do Linden Lab won’t close your account, as that action depends on how you use the viewer. If one is using it to steal, they are supposedly in trouble. Others say you just cannot log into SL. I tested whether one can log into SL with the older Imprudence this morning, you can.

There is a great deal of flaming about how shop managers are going to use the new viewer ID features. If a shop owner thinks a viewer can be used to steal, they may decide to stop those using it from entering their stores. Or may be just send one a rude in your face warning, “we’re watching you.” The free market principals will work this out in time. So, if a shop won’t let you in… shop elsewhere. The loss of business will eventually bring them around.

Imprudence Viewer version 1.3-beta-3 is on the way and will be compliant also. The developers gave us no hint of when that version may be released or what it will include. I am curious if it will have the new appearance features and Media On A Prim (MOAP).

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