Law Suite May Touch All in Second Life

Linden Lab gets sued often enough. A recent one is from the maker of the Rez Tool for use with the Emerald viewer. See Weird in Emerald Viewer Fast Rez Tool.

But this new suit could touch us all. It could go class action. A serious attorney that has made his case before is in action. Over at Massively see: Evans et al vs Linden Lab: The new lawsuit on the block.

If you own or have owned land, currency, things, made products, and essentially in some way had ownership in something within SL, you will want to follow this law suit. The claim is LL has taken properties without due process. The attorney, Jason Archinaco, of Pribanic, Pribanic, and Archinaco LLC of Pittsburgh, has made this point before and LL settled out of court.

Those that have had accounts closed and lost money or other materials of value may recover some of that loss. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

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